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Product Design for Microsoft Viva Amplify

Year: 2022-2024 

Role: Product designer.
Full-time employee

Company: Microsoft

Summary: Create and manage campaigns to inform employees, understand engagement, and inspire action—all from one place.

As part of the founding product design team for a new Microsoft app, I delivered multiple end-to-end features from research to post-implementation.

I worked with a team of designers, engineers, researchers, and product managers to ship the employee communication app, Viva Amplify.

My process included:

  • Advocating for clarity while working through ambiguous problem spaces

  • Partnering with research to understand the user needs

  • Collaborating with product management to design end-to-end features

  • Supporting engineering during implementation

  • Maintaining ongoing communication with design system partners

Due to NDA limitations, I can't share additional details about this work, but please reach out to learn more about my design process and experience.


Learn more about Viva Amplify

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